Our mission is to help raise the Core IQ of the world.

Core IQ includes the key skills we all need but are not always taught in school. Skills like goal setting, time management, negotiation, personal finance, etiquette, leadership, and much more.

We believe that everyone – every student, teacher, mom, dad, executive, employee, and homeless person – needs free access to these skills.

Randall Bell, PhD
Founder of CoreIQ.com


Core IQ are those life skills we all need, but are not generally taught in school. This includes topics like goal setting, time management, conflict resolution, negotiation, study skills, personal finance and among others. We are constantly adding new videos, worksheets and other resources to build our Core IQ database.

The Core IQ test is a self-assessment developed by Dr. Randall Bell and other business and community leaders. It is a measure of the core skills needed to fuction successfully in business and life.

This test identifies our strengths and weaknesses to help with self-development. Scores can be enhanced through study, training and development. There is no charge for taking or retaking the Core IQ assessment test or any of the online training resources. Click here to take the Core IQ test now.

Core IQ is a volunteer effort of business and community leaders. This powerful training system helps organize all of the key issues facing professionals, teachers and students. It delivers practical skills that everyone can use in developing an effective game plan.

The Core IQ education is Socratic, so you develop the game plan that is right for you.

There are dozens of resources and courses offered by Core IQ which fall under the four cornerstones of Me We Do Be. They are all offered at no cost.

To see our full list of episodes, head over to our Episode List page.

The "four cornerstones" are an innovation developed within the Core IQ training materials. They are Me We Do Be:

  • Me Skills build quality thinking
  • We skills build relationships
  • Do skills build productivity
  • Be skills build the future

Core IQ is a nonprofit organization that provides educational content absolutely FREE – no catch. The online training, resources and handouts are provided at no charge. The cost for these training is funded by donations and sponsorships in an effort to elevate our schools, businesses and communities.

Our philosophy is that any intelligent person can learn the fundamental elements of leadership and strategic thinking. Similar to the Harvard case study method used in many business schools, Core IQ utilizes interesting case studies and discussions to bring the principles alive.

Yes. While Core IQ uses core leadership and strategic skills for top business professionals, it is presented in a format that anyone from high-school age and up can use. During our training, we frequently have CEO’s and students – along with professionals and parents – all developing their strategic skills side by side, and with great results.

Our policy is simple. We respect your privacy and never share your information or email address with anyone.

We always enjoy hearing from those who have implemented the Core IQ training. Just drop us a line on our contact page.


“Core IQ shows how the little things we do can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life; it’s that one small adjustment that can make the difference between winning and losing.”

Bob Proctor

Bestselling Author, "You Were Born Rich"
"From the homeless to the billionaires, Core IQ helps us all understand the true meaning of success and how to attain it in our own lives.”

Donald T. Phillips

Bestselling Author, "Lincoln on Leadership"
“Our life is made up mostly of our habits. Therefore we’d better choose them mindfully and cultivate them wisely. Core IQ teaches us the (demonstrably) most beneficial habits in all domains of life—from inner to social to environmental to financial.”

D. Piero Ferrucci

Bestselling Author, "The Power of Kindness"